Every horse rider knows the value of having good raiding gear. For instance, when shopping for riding clothes, one is expected to go for those that are sturdy and washable. Ideally, this is the same thing with buying a saddle pad. The first step in deterring hat kind of saddle pad is ideal for your horse is by critically a identifying the practical details of the unit available. This could be the condition of the horse- does it have any injuries? the environment used the kind of fit along with personal preferences.

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Even the most expensive pad can never augment a poorly fitting saddle. A decent saddle fit serves to eliminate unnecessary pressure points during horse riding. Ideally, with a good saddle, a horse covers more grass and moves even much better. If the saddle fit is not right, pressure points after a few riding sessions are enough indicators that you should look for a better saddle.

Material Used

Like clothes, saddles are made from natural or synthetic materials. Most rider prefers a seat made from natural materials like cotton or wool. Wool is robust, offers protection ( absorbs impact shocks) and elasticity during application. In this regard, when wool is combined with synthetic materials, its properties are improved making it conform to the shape of the horses back for increased stability.

Nonetheless, cotton saddle pads are the most preferred by most riders. Like wool, when cotton pads are combined with synthetic elements, these pads offer invaluable heat and shock reducing properties that are critical in circuit riding. Unlike in the past, new and better synthetic materials are used to make advanced and technically superior pads.

Special Inserts

Special insertjmn53edr5t263eyd7272u82s are recommended in making adjustments on horses with injuries to ensure that the saddle is optimally placed. Shaped or partial pads fit into or beneath regular pads to eliminate unnecessary pressures. Moreover, wither pads provide the horse with flared front protection for shoulders and withers. The keyhole or riser pads provided added lift on the saddle’s back for comfort during riding.

With the right saddle, it is imperative to understand that the pad can wear out. As such, the moment you wear remove the saddle or when you are putting a new one, look for uneven spots or white hairs on the back. In the event that you identify some irregularities on the saddle or the horse’s back, shop for a new pad with the appropriate saddle pad technology.