How to Watch Free TV shows on ShowBox

If you own an Android smartphone and would love to watch some of your favorite TV shows and movies, then you ought to get and install the ShowBox app.

The ShowBox App will fulfill all your entertainment needs within your smartphone. Below are some of the useful tips to follow on how to watch free TV shows on ShowBox:


Getting The App and Installing it

As ShowBox is not available in the Google Play store, you have to get it from other sources. You will be required to man holding a paperdownload its APK file that is suitable for your respective Android version.

Ensure that you have enabled the checkbox for allowing third-party applications to be installed on your phone before attempting to install the APK file.

After it installs and brings you the first image with an ‘Open’ option, you should open it and wait for it to download the required data. This process will take less than a minute, and you should let it get done.

Getting Started

You will be welcomed with a screen bearing information on the new functionality and features of this app since you will be using it on your phone for the first time. You can jump the whole thing by hitting the ‘Got It’ button to move ahead.

You will be able to see clearly all the details of the different movies that are available when you choose a film from the movies category. You can also choose the quality of the film you wish to watch it in as well as the Download or Watch Now option buttons.

Enjoying the Movies

If you would like to look at the movie you have selected immediately, you will only have to choose the watch now option and voila the movie starts playing. From there you will have the freedom to handle it as you please from your video player.

If you wish to watch the movie or TV show later, then you can opt to Download it and watch it later when you are free and relaxed.

Other Options

Some other options are left for you to explore. You have a search option on the application that allows you to search for your favorite TV shows and movies.

You will receive a list of all the available movies for you to enjoy from your smartphone.

Popular application

holding a phoneShowBox app has become very popular with people all over the globe due to its great user interface and high quality it has for its users. It does not also require any signing up or logging in whatsoever.

This app is open for all to use and all the above is all that you are required to do to be able to watch free TV shows on ShowBox.