How to sell your home faster Than You Can Imagine

Preparing your home for staging before selling is important. This will potentially add value to your home. Also, it will enable your property to be sold faster. Many reasons can make one sell a house, like relocation or even transfer at the job. Some of the factors to consider to make a home sell faster are as follows.

De -clutter

house room designIt is good that you clear out all the property that had built up while you have been living. This will great space making the room look good. Space can be created by throwing away unwanted, items, storing away ornamentals, books and toys. Also, one needs to leave personality in the house. He needs to replace bulky furniture with smaller furniture.

Fix and clean-up

Tidy up the garden, clean the house and do some repairs. Make the place more appealing and make the viewer want to live there, by removing all the unwanted materials, hanging fresh towels. As many buyers want to move in without any changes, you need to make it for them easier. Repair minor damages like holes in the wall, broken door knobs, and tone carpets.

Upgrade the kitchen

This might be very expensive, but it essential since it is very valuable room in the house. It is effective and cheaper refacing the kitchen cabinetry than installing a new one. De- clutter the surfaces by taking out any bulky appliances. Consider upgrading the kitchen counter tops, white goods, and plumbing fixtures. While that is good for making your property to be sold faster, it also brings back its full value. Also, it good when one leaves out a bowl of fruits.

A fresh lick of paint

Paint the room with a fresh lick of neutral color. This will make the room look bigger and brighter. Painting will be able to remove any untidy writings or marks on the walls. It will enable the buyer to imagine how easily he/she will adapt and settle in the house. Give the buyer a good impression by painting the door with a new brightly colored coating.

Disassociate yourself

home designDisassociate yourself from the property as much as possible. It will enable you to view your property as a potential buyer might. By so doing you will be able to do a renovation to its best as if you are seeing the property for the first time. Also, it will enable the potential buyers to envisage themselves.


The Determiners of Value of Properties

Finding the value of a property is a vital thing in real estate ventures. Property valuation is developing an opinion of value for a property. The question how much is that house is very common in the real estate industry. There exists an array of definitions of value that assessments seek as follows:



  • Market value – this is the price at which a given property would trade in a market where competitors exist. It ishouse with 2 floors also called open market value.
  • Value-in-use – the value that a single user of a given property generates under a given use of the property. It may be higher or lower than the market value.
  • Investment value – the value of a given property to a single investor. It may also be higher or lower than the market value. Notable though is the fact that the difference between this value and market value is what motivates traders to join a market.
  • Insurable value – the value covered under an insurance policy. Liquidation value – value at which a property would trade in a forced or orderly liquidation.

There are three major approaches that people can take to determine the value of a real estate. The strategies are largely interdependent. They are also called “approaches to value” or methodologies for determining value. They are as follows.

a. Sales Comparison Approach

The sales approach is the approach of comparing the features of a property with those of a similar property that recently sold. This method uses the principle of substitution. It assumes that people don’t pay for a property more than they would pay for a similar (substitute) property. It appreciates that buyers will typically compare asking prices and eventually buy the one with the lowest cost yet meets their needs. Data on recently sold properties of similar features (comparables) is collected perhaps from real estate publications, buyers, sellers, real estate agents, etc. This data is used to compare the item in question with its comparables then the value is determined.

b. Cost Approach

The cost approach holds that people will not buy a property for more than it could cost to build an equivalent property. Also called the summation approach, the theory determines the value of assets by adding the value of land to the depreciated value of any value addition ventures done on it. This method is mostly used together with the sales comparison approach. However, it is seen to work better when applied to new structures.

c. Income Capitalization Approach

treesAs the name suggests, the Income Capitalization Approach is a theory that capitalizes an income stream into an indication of value in a commercial income-producing property. Just referred to as the income approach, it evaluates business and investment properties.

It is considered to be the most reliable approach in valuing income-producing properties, mainly because it is usually intended to reflect the trends of market participants.


Fixing Fees Of Selling a House

If you wish to sell to sell or buy a house, more often than not you may have to depend on the services of an aggregator or a middleman. This is because when you hand over the job to these professionals, you can rest assured and concentrate on other things.

The fees of a selling a house will determine the number of interested buyers. When you are moving out of town or buying a new house, it is entirely possible that you may not be able to spare much time for selling your used home.

Critical factors

Busy schedule

You may have your regular job and business commitments, and therefore, you could be hard pressed for time. Hencea house taking time out, reaching out to potential sellers, advertising on the desired mediums would certainly impede on your regular duties.

It would, therefore, make better sense to get the services of an agent or broker to get the job done. The same also applies when you are planning to lease or rent property.

Though there are many online portals which could help in the job at times, you could find the age-old brick and mortar method suitable and preferable.

Things To Bear In Mind

Whether it is buying or selling assets, you have to bear in mind certain things. You must research, gather the required information and look at various options and only then should you move forward. Further, you should have a reasonably good idea about the fees of selling a house or even buying it.


Often you may not be required to pay for the purchase of a car, but when it comes to selling it, you must be ready to part with some of fees or commissions to the mediators who get the job done for you.

The fee or charge which you would be paying would depend on some factors including the type of house, its present condition, the building condition, the make and model and other such factors. As a rule of the thumb, it could range anything between 2% to even around 10% depending on various factors as mentioned above.


housesWhen selling a home, the rule of the game is to be patient and never hurry through the process. Even if you are in a bit of a rush, it should never be evident. If the buyer or even the meditator comes to know of it, you would more often than not stand to lose in the bargain.

You could get a lower price that what you had bargained for. Furthermore, you may end up shelling out more commissions and fees to the mediator than what you would have done under normal circumstances.


Sell Your House and Protect Your Credit Score

Finances are really tight for many people these days. If you are one of those individuals who are struggling to meet ends, come together and Can’t afford your mortgage? Sell your Houston house for cash. Doing this will help you raise a huge burden off your shoulders.

Why should you sell your housegiving key

With the current economic situation, it is not as easy for people to fulfil all their obligations. For many, the home mortgage is the biggest expense they have. With the cost of living going through the roof, people are often falling behind on their mortgage payments and if you are in the same situation, you may be at risk of harming your credit score and will not be able to apply for any further loans with financial institutions.

How to sell your house for cash

Selling your home and paying off your loan is the best option when you are falling back on mortgage payments. It will help you, and the best way to do it is to contact a company that will give you an immediate cash price for your house. If you try to advertise it or hire a real estate agent to sell the house, it could take some time and this will defeat the purpose of settling your mortgage in full and saving your credit score.

The benefits of selling for cash

moneyUnlike the regular methods people employ to sell a house, selling it for cash has many benefits. The process is fast, there is no need for negotiating over and over again, you do not have to pay money to list your home, and you will not have a pay a real estate agent any commissions. The entire process can be completed in a few days, and your home loan will be paid off in full. The ownership of the property will, of course, be transferred to the company buying the house and this is a great thing as you can rent back the house from them, until you are able to sort out money to purchase a new house or arrange for a new loan and move to a more affordable house.


The housing market is not the best at the moment and coupled with the present economy; people are struggling to pay their home loans. If you want to get away from the horrors of bad credit, sell your house for cash and be free.