How to Choose the Right Commercial Door

Warehouses, factories, stores, and other commercial establishments all need doors for protection. The door is also for entering and exiting the establishment. For the home, doors are not difficult to choose but for the workplace or store you should be very meticulous in what you want and contractor to do the job. There are various types of commercial doors from which you can choose. You can get top-rated commercial interior doors if you choose well. The following are some of the things you need to check when selecting a commercial door.

Kind of Establishmentwarehouse doors

You need to check the type of establishment for which you need the door. A warehouse, for example, will require a sturdy door and a loading dock door is also necessary. The store will call for something decorative, and a glass door will work best for this. Doors used in factories additionally come with a hard armor on the lower half. The armor prevents damage on the door when moving equipment to and from the factory.

Type of Door

When it comes to selecting the right commercial door, there is a wide variety of types. Manufacturers have made doors which meet the needs of every client. They can be commercial entry doors, loading dock doors, rolling doors or storefront doors.

Door Material

office wooden doorsThere are different materials used in making commercial doors. Wood is the cheapest of them all but can be subjected to warping due to outdoor moisture and temperature fluctuations. The other material is fiberglass which saves money on replacement and repair cost over the long term. This is because it is durable. These doors require little maintenance and are the most expensive type of commercial door.

Aluminum and glass combination is perfect for entrances of stores. The combination is popular since it is prestigious and has a sleek appearance. These are however dangerous as they are not fire rated and are crafted from safety glass to prevent injuries when they break. Also, there is the steel type of commercial door used for most exterior commercial doors. They give warehouses and factories the highest security level.


If you use a door frequently then it will undergo tear and wear. If you have any commercial door, you need to consider the maintenance it will require in the future. This will make you think keenly about investing in a door made from the best material.

Considering these factors when buying commercial doors for your business will help you choose the right door. Also, ensure that you work with a reputable installation company for proper installation.