What Is An E-liquid? Facts To Know

You have probably come across this name or heard it somewhere. Also known as vape juice or e-juice, it fuels an electronic cigarette. The electronic cigarette here means cig-alike, mech mods, and personal vaporizers.

How e-liquid worksE-liquid

It takes the role of tobacco in regular cigarettes. The e-liquid is housed in the tank or cartridge and when the atomizer that produces the feel and sensation of smoking heats it. The e-liquid is the most critical component in an electronic cigarette. This is because it’s the one that produces the vapor.

Ingredients of an e-liquid

Propylene glycol

It is more popular than vegetable glycol. It’s nearly thin in consistency and has more liquidity. As a result, it is quickly absorbed. Propylene is odorless and tasteless which means it does not interfere with the overall flavor of the e-liquid.

Vegetable glycerin

It is thicker than propylene glycol and is slightly sweet and therefore it makes the e-liquid sweeter. It’s high consistency results to more vapor.

Which is the best between the two

When it comes to choosing between PG and VG, it is always a tough choice. It always comes down to personal preferences. There are those who prefer PG due to its throat hit while others will choose VG due to high vapor and the sweetness it adds. Despite the one that you prefer, you will be guaranteed of quality in both.


Your preference will determine the amount of nicotine in your e-liquid. It is measured using milligrams. It mostly ranges from 0-24mg, but some people go up to 34mg.


More than oE-liquid 2ne thousand flavors can be added to the e-liquid. This gives the user a freedom of choice. There are those that have been tried and tested, but you can do your sampling to find the one that suits you.

How do you store an e-liquid?

It is always advisable to store your liquid in a fresh and dry place. Don’t store it where it’s exposed to direct sunlight.

In conclusion, you should always go with the quality and ideal e-liquid. It should have a great taste and flavor despite your preferences, in other words, the flavor should be the number priority. Do not always go for the cheap e liquid just to save cash since you might compromise the quality that you need. Now that you understand all about e-liquid, you should use that knowledge and expertise to make sure that you buy and use ideal e-liquid.