Tips for Using a Food steamer

Steaming is an amazing way of cooking food without having to sacrifice nutrient quality and taste. It is a great way of preparing veggies after a tedious day at work. Other than the nutritional benefit of steamed vegetables, most home chefs are not sure how they can use food steamer in each day.

The answer is quite is simple: boil water and let steam to cook the food. Although it is self-explanatory and simple, this particular style of cooking requires learning and patience to master. You can make some mistakes and even ruin dishes during the process, but you should not allow that to discourage you. In fact, you will discover that steaming vegetables makes them taste better.

A steamer basket is widely used in steaming vegetables. First, you need to learn how to use steamer basket. The houseware is inserted into the pan or pot and then used in the microwave or stove. Ideally, this concept is quite simple. You need to add some water into the pot, place the vegetables in a basket, and close the lid. As the water boils, the steam does not escape, and it cooks your veggies. These are tips for using a steamer.

Do Not Add a Lot of Water

Water is a vital component when it comes to steam cooking. In fact, you need to add the right amount. When choosing a steam basket on a stove, you need to start adding water in intervals to the pot. Ensure the water does not go above the steamer basket when it is placed in the pot, as it can ruin your meal.

Boil Water First

When you begin to learn to steam your vegetables, it is common to throw it all in your pot and turn it on. However, you will find the final dish to be better when you first boil the water and then add the food items or vegetables. As the water boils, close the lid and allow the steaming process to begin.


Avoid Steaming for Long

This can be quite tricky. That is because it is quite difficult to get everything on the table at the same time while your dishes are tasty and hot. You should note that steamed vegetables take up a few minutes to cook. Thus, they are a perfect item to have on the to-do list.

Use Herbs and Stock

A great way of steaming food is to use water. However, you do not have to limit yourself to this. There is a need to be creative and add flavors to your food.

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